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The Pension Confident Podcast

Jun 20, 2022

Last year saw a 30% hike in swindlers’ profits compared to the year before. Now you might think you're too savvy to be caught out. But are you confident you know how to spot a scam?


According to the Office for National Statistics; in the year to March 2021, there were more than four million offences recorded for fraud alone! Action Fraud says that criminals walked off with more than £2.3 billion.


So what are the signs of fraud and how can you protect yourself? 


Joining us to discuss this are Michelle Cracknell CBE; former Chief Executive of The Pensions Advisory Service, and an Independent Non-Executive Director at PensionBee, Lisa Markey; Head of Security and Counter Fraud at the OBIE, and Jonathan Lister Parsons; Chief Technology Officer at PensionBee. 


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