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The Pension Confident Podcast

Mar 24, 2022

Data from the Office of National Statistics suggests that one in four people think of their property as a way of funding their retirement, and it’s easy to see why; the property market has seen huge growth over the decades, far outstripping inflation. But does investing in property at the expense of your pension really make more sense financially?

Joining us to discuss this are Abba Newbery, Chief Marketing Officer at online mortgage broker, Habito, Ken Okoroafor, founder of the Financial Joy Academy and The Humble Penny, and Rachael Oku, Vice President Brand and Communications at PensionBee.

Just a couple of extra points around pensions and beneficiaries that we didn’t mention on the podcast:

- Pensions usually fall outside the estate but not 100% of the time
- When someone passes away before age 75 the tax treatment is the same regardless of whether they have previously accessed their pension or not

Read more about pensions and beneficiaries on the PensionBee website: 

In addition here’s the research we mention: 

And some handy further reading from the PensionBee team: 

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